What is Medigap Insurance and Do You Need It?

In researching your various Medicare enhancement option, you may have run across the term Medigap insurance. How is Medigap insurance different from Medicare supplement plans and Medicare Advantage plans? Think of it this way. Medigap insurance is exactly the same thing as Medicare supplement plans. For whatever reason, the Federal government likes to use the term Medigap while private insurance companies tend to use the words Medicare supplement. Again, there is no difference between those two terms. Both represent the exact same identical eleven standardized insurance plans that supplement your Medicare coverage or, in other words, fill the gaps of the out of pocket cost sharing that you have under Medicare. Please click on Medicare Out of Pocket Expenses to see what some of the cost sharing entails

Now that you know that Medicare supplement plans and Medigap insurance are the same things, it is still very important that you understand what Medigap insurance and Medicare supplement plans are not. They are not Medicare Advantage plans and, vice versa, Medicare Advantage plans are not Medicare supplement or Medigap plans. Medicare Advantage plans are an entirely different animal. Please click on Medicare Enhancement Options in order to see a full explanation of the differences between Medicare supplement plans-Medigap- and Medicare Advantage plans.

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