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Except for those of you who have been sleeping under a rock, everyone else knows by now that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or ObamaCare has been a disaster and is now the subject of an effort by the Republican party to dismantle it. Whether you believe that replacing the ACA is a good or bad idea, the question of what a person should do for coverage moving forward remains grim. For the remainder of the time that the ACA or ObamaCare is in place, you have very limited options. One option is to go to the government Marketplace at to see if you qualify for a plan and what it will cost. Be prepared, however, to see shockingly high rates and high deductibles.

Another option is to opt out of the ACA or ObamaCare and, instead, do a less expensive short term health plan that does not qualify under the ACA or ObamaCare mandate to have health insurance through the government Marketplace.  This is ok though because the penalties under ObamaCare have been revoked beginning in year 2019. We invite you to shop for a short term health plan by clicking on the link below.

The last option is not for everyone and, in fact, is not health insurance at all. Instead, it is an affordable, biblical, penalty-free solution to the high cost of health insurance called Medi-Share. Medi-Share is health care done God’s way with a community of more than 318,000 believers who share each other’s medical bills. It is about half the cost of insurance, and you can enroll any time. It is also fully acceptable under the ACA so there is not penalty. For more information on this alternative, click on the link below.

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